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2021-11-07 Sangean DPR-39

Another pocket DAB+ radio. This one is powered by 2 AA batteries, has no speaker and the headphones serve as an antenna.

It has nice, always on display with large friendly letters. It looks somewhat similar to the original iPod. I quite enjoy the retro look.

The signal strength seems to be better compared to Technisat Techniradio RDR. I also like the firmware more.

The only downside so far is an oversensitive scrolling through the station list and menu items.

The battery life is outstanding despite the ever backlit display.

I plan to use it in public transport, while commuting to and from work. Also during the sleepless nights, I find listening to the Czech Jazz Radio very comforting.

Sangean DPR-39

Czech Jazz Radio

2021-10-31 Hidizs S3 PRO

It is a very tiny USB C DAC dongle, which can be used with Android phones and Windows/Linux computers. It works on Apple too, but it needs an adapter. I am not fan of Apple anyway, so I did not bother getting one. So far I quite like it - in combination with my FiiO FH1s headphones, both the phone and the computer sound like a dedicated Hi-Res music player. Esp. the computer sounds much better than using original audio out.

Hidzis S3 PRO

FiiO FH1s

2021-08-16 PiBoy DMG

Eventually I decided for more pricey option and treated myself with this Raspberry Pi / Retropie powered Gameboy remake. So far I am quite happy with it, especially after Kodi addon installation - 640*480 resolution allows for watching low res movies of old, that look crisp on PiBoy's tiny screen.


2021-05-15 Technisat Techniradio RDR

This has been my first experience with DAB+. It is a size of slightly thicker mobile phone and sports quite a nice sound (mono reproductor with passive subwoofer). The only downside is a slightly worse reception because of chord antenna. I use it daily and I am very satisfied so far...

Technisat Techniradio RDR

2021-03-24 Flipper Zero is one step closer

Certification and open sourcing processes

2021-03-18 Internet radio streams

I have compiled a list of my favorite Internet radio streams. You can find it:


2021-03-17 Odroid Go Super

I have just learned that it is available in Czech e-shop specializing in Raspberry Pi and similar. I am very much tempted to order it despite some not so positive reviews...