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2021-11-14 Family walk in the woods near our cottage

Mostly moss and wet grass... Our dog was very happy, which means him barking, running and jumping all the time and us trying to calm him down.

a few images on pixelfed (https)

2021-04-18 Back in the woods

First visit to our cottage after the lockdown has eased. Cleaning the stairs to the river from mud, making flower beds and going for the walk - these were today's highlights.

Willow in bloom against the river

Moss in the forest making miniature valleys

Pieces of a tree cut laying on the ground

Young birch tree growing from a large, moss covered tree stump

2021-04-02 Family walk

Today, we have a holiday, and we are still not allowed to leave our home district. So, no woods and no cottage, no paddleboard, just 4 people and 2 animals crowded in a small flat.

So, we took a random tram, got out on the 11th stop and found ourselves near a small park with a pond located in the steep hill. After more climbing and enjoying views of picturesque villas from the beginning of the last century, we reached a small forest with sandstone cliffs and violets. The chestnuts were about to bloom and the air smelled fresh. Even though it was cold a cloudy we really enjoyed the walk.

Picturesque villa

Violets of 2 colors

Sandstone cliffs I

Sandstone cliffs II

2021-03-29 Tiny blossoms of spring

I have to record super tiny blossoms I have been seeing lately, when walking the dog. They grow on a garage roof lawn roughly facing north. They look like tiny hailstones from standing height. Only when you take a macro photo of them, their detailed beauty shines.

See photo

2021-03-27 Balcony gardening

During our extended dog walk (2 hours) we have come across a pay-what-you-want flowers in front of one garden. We got 3 overhanging pansies and planted them on our balcony later in the evening.

See photo

2021-03-20 Spring is here

Quick walk to nearby "forest" - it was sunny, but you could find a few patches of the morning snow. Winter doesn't let go easily.

Moss and snow

2021-03-18 Not much to add here

...thanks to lockdown

2021-02-28 Last visit to proper forest before lockdown

Our original plan was to spend the whole winter holiday at our cottage, but with lockdown restricting travel between districts, we spent just one day there.

Tree cutting machine