On dreaming meaningful dreams

My whole productive life revolves around data analysis in one way or another. So, it often frustrates me that when it comes to dreams, the logic is gone, and the meaning as well.

Tonight I had a dream that was so surprising that I woke up. Why?

Because there was meaningful information that was not related to anything I was thinking/reading/hearing/... about or working on in the recent past.

It read:

"In bigger airplanes, there are more mosquitos in the bathrooms".

Apart from sounding like something from Douglas Adams' books it is quite extraordinary because it actually makes sense (sort of) and it relates several things to each other in a way insights are usually formulated.

In the past, I was often dreaming about some problem-solving situation, but never ever I actually got a meaningful solution from my dream. I am not talking only about mathematics, detective stories sometimes occupy my dreams as well...

Maybe my dream engine evolves, as I am getting older? Or maybe it was a real life version of 42 answer?

The dream was otherwise a usual mixture of memories put together in a bizarre way. It took place on the faculty of mathematics, there was a man in a costume of Superman shooting a YouTube video about some mathematical problem. A lady, who in reality is a lawyer in the company I work for, was vectorizing a head of hippopotamus using fractal geometry, and there was some kind of presentation or project evaluation, during which the words above mysteriously appeared out of nowhere...

All in all, it was an interesting late night / early morning experience :-)